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Not the Usual Laying and Playing

It’s not often that Daddy gets to share evening play time with me and the boys, especially during the week. Usually, by the time he gets home from work, Brayden is already in bed and Zackery and I are quietly snuggled up on the couch reading stories. But last night was a special treat, for all of us.

Brayden had taken a later than usual afternoon nap, waking up just before dinner at 5:30pm. I knew he wouldn’t go back down for bedtime at 7:30pm, so we had some time to kill. Daddy got home right about 8:00pm (his usual), and was immediately welcomed with giant smiles, screeches, hugs and open arms (the boys’ usual). This always makes me just as happy as I’m sure it makes Will.

It is just recently that the boys have been able to really play together without me intervening every 10 seconds. This is such an awesome experience and a huge milestone, again, for all of us. It makes me so proud to watch them interact together – laughing, hugging, truly playing. Of course it doesn’t always last long, and I am always right there, with my super Mommy eyes and ears, ready to jump in at the first sign of someone getting upset. But all in all, it is a wonderful occurrence.

With Daddy changed out of his work clothes, he joins us on the living room floor. Toys and “buddies” strewn across the floor, we were obviously having a fun time. The couch pillows also on the floor, Will grabbed one and I laid my head down on another. It felt good to just lay there, not having to move. It was, oddly, somewhat relaxing, even with the boys climbing all over us like a giant jungle gym!

It was beautiful to see Brayden and Zack playing, and particularly to see Will’s face as he watched them. It was gratifying to lay next to my husband, being part of the adventure. But what it was most of all, was a wondrous family evening; all 3 of my boys and I together, playing and enjoying each other, radiating joy and happiness, and just having pure, good-old-fashioned fun!


My Boys Are Growing Up!

Okay, so I haven’t written much lately about how big my boys are getting – so here goes!

Brayden is completely walking now. It is adorable, and he is SO proud of himself. Yesterday he didn’t want to take off his bike helmet and I just so happened to video him walking around the living room. Makes my heart melt – so cute. Funny with the helmet too! 🙂

Zackery is almost 4 years old – I can’t believe it!!! He is getting so big too, and looks like a little man. Especially when he was all dressed up in a suit for Emily’s wedding last weekend. He is constantly amazing me with everything he does. We went to Sesame Place when we were back in PA, and he actually wanted to go on all the rides and do all the activities. Wasn’t scared a bit. He is a non-stop talker (sometimes to my frustration), and he’s starting to be a little more outgoing around other kids (those he doesn’t know). I am so proud of him!

Short and sweet, but that’s all I have time for right now… As always, stay tuned for more.

Coming Home to Chaos – Part 2

Well, we returned home safely from PA. It was a long, quick trip (if that makes any sense…) – but well worth it! The house was still standing when we pulled into the driveway late Tuesday night. Funny the things one assumes when you go away, but I guess I would know if that was not the case.

From the outside I could see that the new trusses had been installed and there was new plywood over what used to be a giant hole in our roof. (I love living in the mountains, I love the trees, I just don’t love them falling into my house!).

We opened the garage door and squeezed our way through the tiny path that was left amongst the stacks of clothes and everything else from our master bedroom suite, up the stairs into the house. I put my hand on the door knob of the laundry room door, as I always do when I come home through the garage. But this time it was stuck; it didn’t move. It was locked. We never lock this door! Okay, I thought, it was just the contractors making sure everything was secured before they left.

Will went back down the stairs, weaving his way back through the tiny path in the garage, around the front of the house, up the front stairs, unlocked the front door, and came over to the “locked” laundry room door. “How do I unlock this, Hon? There’s no lock on this door.” he said to me. “What?” I replied. “No lock?” I was stumped! Come to think of it, I don’t remember there ever being a lock on that door, but why couldn’t I open the door?!

I jiggled the handle again, but it still wouldn’t budge. Then I gave it a big tug; still nothing. Finally, I grasped that handle and turned it with all my might (well, it wasn’t really all my might…) – click! The door opened, and there stood Will, laughing at me. Oops, guess I was just really tired!

There was a light on and the windows were all still cracked, as well as the back sliding glass door – hmmm… don’t remember leaving that one open… The contractors probably forgot to close it all the way (I hope). Nothing seemed to be missing or out of place – except of course everything that we deliberately had to move out before we left.

Will brought up the suitcases and I got out the couple items we needed to bring the boys inside (they were passed out in the car) and put them to bed. Thankfully they transferred quite easily (it was almost 2am east coast time).

I unpacked our bag of snacks and food from traveling, got a bottle ready for Brayden in the middle of the night, and got myself ready for bed. It was back to the air mattress in the guest room / office and the cardboard box as a night stand. I laid down in hopes of drifting off to a peaceful sleep. Instead, I nearly rolled off the side of the deflated mattress. 5 nights away and it lost that much air without anyone even sleeping on it, really??? Okay, fine. I give in – let’s blow it up.

Take two. I laid down in hopes of this time really drifting off to a peaceful sleep… Home at last. I just wish my house was back to normal…

Coming Home to Chaos – Part 1

Approximately 8:00pm on Sunday evening. Coming home after working with Diana Thale at a wedding at the Hyatt in Incline Village. Will had taken the boys to Donner Lake earlier, but they were home now. I expected (maybe this was my first mistake…) to come home to a nice quiet house; Brayden in bed, Zackery in his jammies reading books, ready for bed. My how I was mistaken!

The second I walk in the door – crying, screaming, pure chaos! It was such pandemonium I don’t even remember who Will was tending to – Brayden who was sitting on the floor in the living room crying, or Zack who had just fallen backwards off the chair in the kitchen. It was obvious dinner had just recently been attempted, and it was also apparent that Will needed help!

I have to admit that usually when I come home and the house is a disaster (especially the kitchen from the aftermath of a dinner not yet cleaned up), I tend to get a tad bit out of sorts… um, okay well that’s putting it mildly. However, this time there was no time to get upset – and I knew Will was doing the best he could given the circumstances.

So, as any good Mommy would do, I hastily assessed the situation and began to help Will calm down our thoroughly distressed children. Zack needed hugs and a once-over after hitting his head on the floor and scaring himself with the falling chair. Brayden was tired, seemed not all himself, and needed his temperature taken.

After what seemed like hours later – and who knows it probably was! – the house was once again quiet and Will and I plopped ourselves down on the couch. Phew! The chaos of the evening had been put to bed (literally).

Stay tuned for Part 2…

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