Having had Postpartum Depression finds me Grateful

The Blog Hospital

Well, I have been sitting here trying to figure out what of the million things I want to write about, I should. Should I write another post about the things I’m grateful for? That would be quick and easy for me. Should I write about what we did today? That would be fun and happy – it was a great day (aside from the snow we got last night. I’m so not ready for winter yet again… especially if it’s anything like last year!).

Should I write another article about postpartum depression? I always have pages to write in this category. It turns out, that is probably exactly what I should be writing about. However, this is going to be slightly different than any of my past posts about PPD.

I checked my Facebook page this evening (Stories of a Mom) to find a wonderful post from Julie Zebley of The Blog Hospital. She awarded me her personal Blog of the Month award! WOW, I was truly touched, honored, surprised and grateful. To read her award, click here. Thank you again, Julie!

I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that I had to experience postpartum depression so that I would be able to share it with others, and be the voice for those who don’t have the strength yet in themselves. It took me a while to understand this, and then a while longer to figure out what I was going to do with it. It has become my passion (along with my family, of course) to be the voice, the support, the inspiration, the hope for women all over who are suffering from or who are at risk for PPD.

It might sound odd to some people, but I can honestly say that I am glad I experienced PPD (and to an extent I am still fighting it). Without that experience, I would not know what so many Mothers experience every day, too often by themselves, without any support for or even knowledge of their condition. I was (am) lucky. I have a wonderful support system and people who love me and care enough to help me through it. I want to be that for others.

I want to be hope, I want to be support,
I want to help them heal.

I am grateful that I am in a place in my life where I can pursue this. I am grateful that I see my experience with PPD as a blessing in disguise. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish upon anyone the depression, the anxiety, the fatigue and all the other deep, dark symptoms that pulled me down into the depths of pain. It was by far a pleasant time in my life, even with such a beautiful, innocent newborn. It was hard – for everyone – and sometimes the symptoms still rear their ugly heads, although, thankfully not as strong and persistant, but I am now in control of my PPD. I feel great! I feel happy! I feel the love that surrounds my heart and radiates out to everyone open to receive it.

Once again, thank you to The Blog Hospital for awarding me The Blog of The Month Award!

Thank you to those of you who support me and encourage me to follow my heart and pursue my passions.

Thank you to those of you who are reading this and will help spread the word about postpartum depression.

And finally, thank you to those of you who will give yourself the greatest gift and ask for help. I can help. I can help you…


About pamelazimmer

Pamela Zimmer is a #1 bestselling author and speaker, transforming her personal pain and experience of Postpartum Depression into her purpose and passion. Through her #1 bestselling book, Reclaim The Joy of Motherhood, and her mentorship program, The HAPPY Mommy Method™, Pamela guides mothers on a healing journey from battling their own Postpartum Depression to embracing motherhood with joy.

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