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What are Husbands For?

What are Husbands for? My husband is for laughing (a nice, supportive laugh – not the kind where I want to smack him, which I never have, but you know what I mean) when I tell him I’m PMS-ing, have too many billion things to do, I don’t know how to clone myself, and I need wine and chocolate ASAP – and then he tells me he’s leaving work in 10 minutes and he’ll stop at the store on the way home for me.

My husband is for always saying he loves me and gives me a kiss on his way out the door, and for always saying he loves me and gives me a kiss when he gets home. He is for always doing the same with the boys – he loves them, he hugs them, he gives them kisses. My husband is for helping me get the boys dressed in the morning, even if it might make him 5 minutes late for work (because I hear him go start the car and think “oh no, he’s not sneaking out the door before the boys are up…” so I woke them up so they could see Daddy, and he could love them, hug them and give them kisses).

My husband is for supporting me, acknowledging me, and thanking me. My husband is for knowing when I need a break and telling me to go take a shower (or maybe that’s because my hair is a mess and I’ve been wearing the same shirt for 2 days… hmmm?). My husband is for cleaning up the dishes from dinner and helping me put the boys to bed (when he’s home in time, which is usually only Fri, Sat & Sun). My husband is for watching what I want to watch on tv, including hours upon hours of  the Food Network, despite the fact that he doesn’t cook.  My husband is for devouring whatever I fix for dinner – be it a frozen pizza or a made up, made from scratch gourmet meal.

My husband is for working harder than he ever has to take care of his family. My husband is for being passionate about what he does, and for always trying to improve himself while keeping clients happy. My husband is for being honest, open and trustworthy – which in the business world is not often the way people are. My husband is for sharing with me his wins, and his losses.

My husband is the best thing that has happened to me. One might ask, aren’t your boys the best things that have ever happened to you? Well, um, without my husband, I would not have my boys (yeah, not going to go into details there – we all know how babies are made… *smile*). The best part of it all: My husband was made just for me. We are soul mates, and he is all mine (no sharing, sorry ladies).

My husband is for me. Love you, hon! xoxo


The ABC’s of Thankful Thursday Thoughts

Alas, it is Thursday again. Alas, it has been more than a week since I last posted. Alas, (I apologize if I am repeating myself with this one), but “life” has been happening – I know, excuses, excuses…

The agenda for today’s post (gosh – seems so formal):

1. Thank Let’s Cut The Crap  for awarding me the Awesome Blog Content Award – YAY for me!
2. List all the things I am thankful for today… should be easy.

Okay, here goes…

I am touched and honored to have received yet another blogging award. When I first started blogging, I didn’t even know there were such things as blogging awards, but now I receive them with joy, gratitude and inspiration. I would like to thank all (the few) of my readers who appreciate my writing. I don’t do it for the awards or the recognition, but more as an outlet and also in the hopes that I may touch even just one person and make their day a tiny bit better. So, THANK YOU to Let’s Cut The Crap (you really must read her blog!!!).

Seven things about me:

1. I am a SanFrancisco 49ers fan – and I am really looking forward to them going to the Super Bowl after they beat the NY Giants on Sunday 🙂


2. I have tried many different lasagnas, and besides this really delicious green (yes, it really was green – must’ve been pesto-based) lasagna I had at a restaurant several years ago in Paris, my favorite is still Stoufer’s (which is what we’re having for dinner tonight – YUM!).
3. I have three titanium screws in each of my knees.
4. I like my wine.
5. I have a MAD sweet tooth!
6. My favorite movies of all time are Top Gun and Shag
7. I love to entertain, and wish I had a house that was better equipped for it, but I’ve also given up on the fact that my house has to be “perfect.” I’ve realized what matters most is the company I’m surrounded by. (Awww…)

I would like to pass on the ABC award to…. drum roll please…

The Animals Have Escaped
Susan Heim on Parenting
The Blog Hospital
Father Trek
Anywhere Is

There are other most-worthy blogs that I read, so please checkout my blogroll.

And now, to get to the Thankful part. I am thoroughly thankful for: 3 hour naps (by Brayden, not me – unfortunately); sleeping through the night (again, by Brayden – and Zackery – but not me); 4WD (that’s four-wheel-drive for all those non-snow people) that works, especially since there is a winter storm watch; the Stoufer’s lasagna that I’m about to pop into the oven (see above #2); the 49ers in the playoffs (see #1 above!); my pink, fuzzy crocs (cozy!); the walls that are keeping that nasty wind blowing outside from blustering into my living room (brr!); my husband who works harder than most people I know to provide for our family; Zackery’s preschool (I LOVE it!); Brayden’s happy demeanour; Zackery’s polite manners; the ability to love, give and receive…

Happy Thursday everyone!

The Top 10 Lists of a Stay-at-Home Mom

I decided that I needed some humor in my life today, so I’ve come up with a few of my top 10 lists.
I hope you enjoy… and don’t be afraid to laugh!

The Top 10 Songs in My Head Our House

10. Theme song for Sid the Science Kid (“Hey Sid, what’ya say? Whatcha wanna learn today?…”)
9.   Thomas and His Friends from Thomas the Tank Engine (“They’re two they’re four they’re six they’re eight…”)
8.   The Alphabet Song (um, you know how it goes…)
7.   Thomas and His Friends from Thomas the Tank Engine (“…Shunting trucks and hauling freight…”)
6.   Theme song for Bubble Guppies (“Bub-bub-bubble, gup-gup-guppies!…”)
5.   Thomas and His Friends from Thomas the Tank Engine (“…Red and green and brown and blue, they’re the really useful crew…”)
4.   Theme song for Little Einsteins (“We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship…”)
3.   Thomas and His Friends from Thomas the Tank Engine (“…All with different roles to play, round Tidmouth sheds or far away…”)
2.   My own little lullaby to the partial tune of Hush Little Baby (“Sleep little baby close your eyes, sleep little baby dream tonight. Sleep little baby rest your head, sleep little baby it’s time for bed.”)


The #1 song… Thomas and His Friends from Thomas the Tank Engine – Gee, how did you guess?! (“…Down the hills and round the bends, Thomas and his friends…”)

The Top 10 Most Watched Shows in Our House*

*Instead of writing out a whole new list, just refer to the top 10 list above

and… (in case you “missed” it above)

The #1 most watched show… Thomas the Tank Engine

The Top 10 Most Common Phrases in Our House

10. Inside voice please. (Quiet time? What’s that?)
9.   Focus, focus, focus. (No such thing as the attention span of a 4-yr-old when there are more fun things to do than what he has been asked to do.)
8.   Do you understand? (Usually a question to Zackery to make sure he really does understand why – why to just about everything, good or bad.)
7.   Do you need to go potty? (Also accompanied with Did you go poop? – The difference between one that tends to have accidents because he’s having too much fun to take a break, and one that’s still in diapers.)
6.   One at a time. (This generally refers to Brayden stuffing his face with whatever delicious snack he has guarded inside his dimpled little fists.)
5.   Do you need a timeout? (Usually the threat is all that’s needed, but I must admit I am not as good with the follow through as my husband.)
4.   Listen the first time. (I get tired of repeating myself. I get tired of repeating myself. I get tired…)
3.   Zackery, get off your brother! (It could be a case of snuggling or it could be a case of something not as nice – either way, the smothering must stop!)
2.   Hey! (Not so much a phrase, as a word that I find myself using in a raised voice more often than I’d like to gain attention and temporarily halt the pending meltdown(s).)


The #1 most common phrase… I LOVE YOU! (Self explanatory.)

I Am Not My Circumstances

Kimber LimThis post is dedicated to Kimber Kabell Lim, a wonderful coach, mentor and friend who always reminds me that “I am not my circumstances,” and inspired by Marylin Warner, a woman I have recently befriended in the blogging world (check out her blog, Things I Want To Tell My Mother) whose recent comment to me about “numerous irritants” instantly made me smile!

First, let me start off by saying this post really does end on a positive note. I’m not one to often complain, and I’m not one to share my complaints publicly. I try to write about things that people might actually want to read; things that could inspire, help, encourage people, or things that are so stinkin’ cute I just have to share. Hey, I am after all the Mother of the two cutest little boys in the whole entire world (not biased here or anything…).

So, speaking of circumstances… I’m going to back-track a little bit. May 24, 2010. Approximately 3:30pm. I remember the time within a few minutes (if you recall I have super Mommy powers that allow me to know what time it is at all times – tick, tock) because I had just spent the last hour getting Brayden down for a nap, and had just plopped my exhausted derriere on the couch to watch a recorded Oprah during the last week of her show. Not more than five minutes later, what sounded and felt like a herd of semi-trucks crashing through our house, was actually a tree falling on the roof, right over top of our master bedroom, where Brayden was now sitting straight up in his crib wondering what had just woke him up from his all-too-short blissful dreamland. Details aside, everyone was okay (a little shaken, but okay), the house got fixed (new roof and all), and life was “back to normal.”

Jump forward to Christmas Day, 2011. Approximately 1:30pm (tick, tock…). My husband opens the front door and splat! – a puddle of water falls on his head. It wasn’t snowing, it wasn’t even raining; in fact it was actually quite nice outside. Puzzled, the friends we had staying with us for the holiday, and I, went over and looked to see what was going on. Seconds later, water was dripping more visibly from the ceiling light right inside the entry way, and within an hour and a half, I had every spare towel out soaking up the water that was “raining” inside our house. My immediate thought (after I fixed myself another hot buttered rum – hey, I wasn’t driving anywhere, and it was Christmas), was that our “fixed” roof was leaking. Two weeks and countless contractors, engineers and insurance-sent company representatives tromping through my house later, we still have not determined the actual cause of the water, but at least it has temporarily (permanently?) stopped “raining.”

Again, details aside, all the above accompanied with multiple visits to the doctor, pharmacy and health food store for a 10 day hacking cough that Zack had; an inhaler and antibiotics for Brayden’s bronchitis and sinus infection (thank goodness he is a trooper and takes his medication like a champ); a sinus/cold/headache “thing” that refuses to leave me alone since before Thanksgiving; and other “numerous irritants” that I get too flustered to even mention, has nearly driven me crazy. I don’t know if I’m just delirious, or in complete denial, but I remain happy. Truly happy. My life is spinning like crazy around me, my circumstances are not what I would have chosen them to be, but I can honestly say that I am happy.

My husband works hard and loves me. My boys are (um, yes, again) the cutest little beings in the whole entire universe and I know they love me like crazy. For the meantime, I have a roof over my head (even if it is in need of attention), food in my belly, clothes on my back and a warm, comfy bed to sleep in every night. Circumstances aside, my life is great and I have no reason not to be happy. I’m doing what I love – being home with my boys, writing, practicing authenticity and being present, and dreaming…

I know things will work themselves out. Our house will get fixed and whatever the cause will be rightfully determined. We will all be back to perfect health and my husband’s job will continue to provide for our family.

Life is sometimes hard, and sometimes a billion things come rumbling down the road at us all at the same time. Sometimes, all we can do is put on our armor, hunker down and fight back, knowing it won’t last forever.  Whatever your circumstances, keep in mind you are NOT them – they do not define you. Try to smile and laugh about it (easier said than done, I know). Take this pledge with me, and I will continue to remind myself, I am not my circumstances – I AM happy!

Life Without Pause – Getting Caught Up With a New Award!

Is it really January already? I’m blaming my hiatus from the blogging world on the holidays, and all the other “stuff” life seems to be throwing my way. I guess it’s true what they say, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

I know (technically) I received the joyful news of another blogging award last year (adios 2011), but I’m accepting it as a running start for 2012.

Thank you Jell Jell @ I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown for my Versatile Blogger Award!

And so… the

Official Rules of the Award

1) Thank the award-giver(s) and link back to them in your post.
2) Tell your readers seven (7) things about yourself.
3) Give this award to up to fifteen (15) recently discovered bloggers.
4) Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news.

About Me:

  1. I think my 2 boys are the cutest, smartest, most adorable little beings on the face of the earth.
  2. I too loved being pregnant, but not enough to be a surrogate (I’ve thought of it). My body is done, and any baby I carry I would not want to part with.
  3. I am happy and complete with our decision to not have any more kids. I have my perfect family of 4.
  4. I don’t miss Architecture one bit!
  5. I miss traveling – especially to Paris (where I used to live and I am looking forward to my husband taking me there…)
  6. I miss my Mom and wish that my kids would have gotten a chance to meet her.
  7. I have a goal of creating awareness and support for Postpartum Depression worldwide.

The Award Goes To:

  1. psychodynamom
  2. Manda’s Mommy Mayhem
  3. How The Cookie Crumbles
  4. Things I Want To Tell My Mother
  5. Faemom
  6. Kiwsparks
  7. Bugs & Boo-Boos
  8. Kana’s Chronicles
  9. Not Quite Old
  10. Tales from the Motherland
  11. Making It All Work
  12. Preble Road Crew
  13. The Valentine 4
  14. I am NOT a Volcano
  15. Here’s the thing…

There are other blogs that always make me smile too, but for today, those are my top 15 picks.

Happy 2012 to ALL and thanks for the blogging love. ❤

Happy 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

Looking forward to embracing 2012 with all it’s opportunities for success, joy and love.

I’m just gearing up to get going…

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