4 Days and Counting

It’s Wednesday – almost Thursday – and we’re moving on Sunday, in four days.

I think I’m doing pretty well (with the packing), although I still feel like I have a TON left. It’s all the little things, like my hairbrush and the the few DVD’s the boys are still watching and the junk drawer in the kitchen. Speaking of which, why does everyone I know have a junk drawer? If it’s junk, why do we even have it or need it? But, I guess, where else would I put the menus the scissors the coupons and the pens?

Aside from the emotion of moving out of my home (and into a new one – yes, I have to keep telling myself that), I’m managing to hold it together. We’ll get it all done (I might not sleep Saturday night), but we’ll get moved.

So, it’s the last Wednesday I will sleep here. Tomorrow will be the last Thursday I will spend here. The day after will be the last Friday my husband comes home to this house to join the boys and I for dinner. And then Saturday… the last day.

Four days and counting… tick, tock, tick, tock.


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  1. And then Sunday will be the FIRST day…at the new house. And new junk drawers will fill, and new memories will begin. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

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