Happy Birthday Brayden!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday my sweet, dear, little angel baby Brayden,
Happy Birthday you’re two!

I can’t believe that two years ago today, we worked together, you and I, to bring you into the world for your very 1st breath. Your very 1st moment, your very 1st experience. For the very 1st time we got to see your precious little face and gaze into those beautiful, innocent, big blue eyes. For the 1st time, I felt like our family was now complete.

You have grown so much. You are a toddler! Wow! Just to say that – it’s weird. You’re my little baby snugglebug. You and your brother will always be my babies.

Your words, your thoughts – they amaze me. The way you speak in full sentences and hold conversations – it just blows me away (in such a good way). You are so smart and funny and kind and loving and caring and all the things my little snugglebug should be. You have your favorite songs (Farmer in the Dell and B-I-N-G-O) your favorite books (the Truck Book from the library that unfortunately we had to return but I promise I will check it out again) your favorite lovey (Bunny – I remember when you looked so little and Bunny was so much bigger – now he is this tiny little ruffled, no longer pristine, white bunny that gets flopped around with you) your favorite shows (Thomas the Train and Curious George) and of course your favorite people (Mommy, Daddy and Zackery). I can’t say you’re my favorite (cuz that’s just not true – Zack is my favorite too), but you’re my favorite toddler!!!

Brayden, I love you so, so much. I love the snuggles and hugs and kisses you give. I love your little voice, your soft baby skin and your oh-I-could-grab-them-forever little thighs.
Happy Birthday my dear sweet two-year-old. xoxo


About pamelazimmer

Pamela Zimmer is a #1 bestselling author and speaker, transforming her personal pain and experience of Postpartum Depression into her purpose and passion. Through her #1 bestselling book, Reclaim The Joy of Motherhood, and her mentorship program, The HAPPY Mommy Method™, Pamela guides mothers on a healing journey from battling their own Postpartum Depression to embracing motherhood with joy.

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  1. I love this, Pamela. We still celebrate my daughter’s birthday with a long-distance call, remembering details of her birth, the labor, the feeling of “in this together, working together” and the joy I felt when she looked at me and smiled (I swear she did, but maybe I was delirious–she was posterior and it was a hard delivery). Our daughter is now 34, and we still do this.
    Happy birthday to you both, because it really if your day of birth, too!

    • I can remember his little eyes looking up at me, as if to say “it’s finally so nice to meet you Mommy.”
      What a wonderful tradition you and your daughter have. I hope you continue it for a long, long time!

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