Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

I’m not going to make excuses, I’m not going to pretend life is perfect, I’m not going to beat myself up because I haven’t written a post in almost a month. YIKES! I’m not going to tell myself I should have, I could have or if only I would have. Why bother? I can’t change the past, and frankly, who cares? I don’t get paid to write (ha ha, well, not YET), and I keep reminding myself the purpose of this blog – the original reason I started – was as a personal outlet and somewhere I could tell my story. My story just happens to be pre-occupied lately, but it’s still in here, and I will continue to write it, but at my own pace.

It’s happened before – lapsed time between posts. And, life still always goes on. Today I happen to have a few moments before getting back to the kitchen to clean up the dirty dishes from dinner, but they’re not going anywhere (it’s not like they have legs and will just get up and walk away – although how nice would it be if they washed themselves? hmmm).

So, real quick, to catch up on what’s been happening in “my story,” Zack is still greatly enjoying Kindergarten; Brayden started preschool/daycare two days a week (but missed his 3rd day because he was sick – again… the poor little guy gets it bad); I started volunteering in Zack’s classroom every other week – which I absolutely LOVE and if I had more time I would do it more (I have to remind myself that “my time will come” but right now I have to prioritize my boys until they are a little older – which means not spending all my “free” time doing “fun” things – a.k.a. I need to work a little); I have my 20th high school reunion this coming weekend (WOW, I’m starting to feel older than I feel); I had a session with a Cranio Sacral Therapist (I’ve always found myself drawn to alternative medicines, and I am just tired of Doctors not knowing what’s wrong and sending me off for more tests); I’m going to see my sister in Seattle in a few weeks – all by myself (no boys allowed)!!! And, briefly, I think that covers it – well, it’s all I can think of right at the moment, which shall suffice because I’m being present in the moment.

No more should haves, no more could haves, and no more if only I would haves.Gratitude


About pamelazimmer

Pamela Zimmer is a #1 bestselling author and speaker, transforming her personal pain and experience of Postpartum Depression into her purpose and passion. Through her #1 bestselling book, Reclaim The Joy of Motherhood, and her mentorship program, The HAPPY Mommy Method™, Pamela guides mothers on a healing journey from battling their own Postpartum Depression to embracing motherhood with joy.

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  1. Hiya, Pamela. Nothing new here. We’ve all been sliding out of sight now and again. Life if busy–we all know but it’s nice to see you’re doing well. Lovely plans lined up too. Keep smiling.

  2. Welcome back!
    Being “present” in you moment explains it all. I’d stay you’re right on schedule as a mom of two young, active boys–one sick again–with a sinkful of dirty dishes and occasionally more on your plate than you can handle. Yep, sounds normal.

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