Get Your Woman On!

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Get Your Woman On!

“Every woman on this planet has the ability to live in her full essence, her full beauty, grace and power.”  ~Kimber Marie Lim (Founder of Get Your Woman On & Transformational Business)

Since becoming a full-time stay-at-home Mom, I have been able to get back in touch with one of my long-time passions – writing. Part of this passion is fulfilled by having this blog, and part of it is being fulfilled as a co-author in a book titled ‘Get Your Woman On.’  It is the story of a group of visionary women and how we each transformed our lives. More than just a book, Get Your Woman On is a sisterhood; I am very proud to be a part of this emerging global women’s network.

  1. Wow. Congratulations, Pamela.

  2. well, I became a #1 best-selling author! Thanks to everyone for your support. Check out our book

  3. pre-order the book ‘Get Your Woman On! – Beauty, Grace and the Power of Women’ Inspirations from 39 Impassioned Visionaries.

  4. Everything happens for a reason, and I believe in divine right timing. That being said, our book launch date has been pushed back to July. Most likely we will launch at the eWomen Network Conference in Dallas – what a huge celebration that will be as it is also the official launch of our Get Your Woman On! collaborative.
    Sooo…. stay tuned for the exact date to place your order through and help us all become a best-selling author!
    With love & gratitude,
    Pamela Zimmer
    co-Author ‘Get Your Woman On! – Beauty, Grace and The Power of Women. Inspirations from 39 Impassioned Visionaries’

  5. June 16th is the big book launch date on!!! Please order your copy of the book and help us achieve best-seller status.
    With gratitude,
    for all the authors of Get Your Woman On! – Beauty, Grace and The Power of Women

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