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Wordless Wednesday, I mean Thursday, oh no wait… Friday

Okay, so I really had good intentions of posting pictures of our Let’s Get Out of the House adventure on Tuesday, but well, as usual, life got in the way… Any way, the boys had a lot of fun, learning, laughing and discovering. See for yourselves. 🙂


I Declare Tuesdays “Let’s Get Out of the House Day”

Let's Get Out Of The HouseWell, the boys are happily off to Neverland, and Will and I are watching DWTS. I have to admit, I never used to be a fan (too much jabbering and not enough dancing – ironic since it’s a dancing show!), but for some reason it’s become one of “our shows” to watch together. It’s a good ending to a great day.

I took the boys to the Nevada Discovery Museum in Reno again today. It was Brayden’s first visit, but Zackery’s second. He was soooo excited he could barely keep himself in his seat (thank goodness for 5-point harness car seats!) on the way there. At every turn, lane change and stoplight, he asked “Is this it? Are we here?!” It was genuinely adorable, and luckily not too annoying either.

We spent a solid 2-1/2 hours there, and could have spent all day if I were bold enough to forgo a little mister’s (Brayden’s) nap – which I was not willing to attempt. Will was able to meet us for lunch in the “picnic” room, which was a wonderful extra bonus surprise for the boys. They rarely get to see Daddy during the day, and they are also usually in bed before he gets home from work, so to have some fun time with Daddy was great for all of us.

I had a message from another Mommy friend when we got home, wanting to know what my afternoon plans were. Since Brayden only napped 40 min in the car until Zackery woke him up (that’s a whole other story on some other day…), my original plans became null and void. We ended up having them over for a little playdate and dinner.

I’m not exactly sure how we did it, but amongst the 3 of them running around the house, dumping every single toy out on the floor, and screaming (mostly in joy), my friend and I actually managed to have a series of uninterrupted conversations. We talked about feeding our kids (and what they will or will not eat); we talked about our husbands (mostly good, but honestly, you have to expect that when two married women get together there will be some venting); and we talked about weekly schedules (as much as we can realistically try to stick to one).

When it comes to my weekly schedule, the one thing that’s constant is that I have both boys all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Zackery’s in preschool M/W/F). I know myself, and I know that if I’m going to do anything “crazy” for the week (and by “crazy” I mean taking them both to a place of pure kid imagination, pandemonium and adventure – a.k.a. The Discovery Museum – all by myself), I better do it on a Tuesday. By Thursday I’m so exhausted that even thinking about anything “crazy” would make me want to reconsider.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys, and generally I love taking them places, but it’s a lot of work all by myself. The 2 hours of prep work (which without kids running underfoot would take any normal person 15 min) – making lunches, filling water and milk bottles, making sure there’s enough diapers, wipes, change of clothes (even for Zackery, just in case he has “too much fun” and forgets to “take a [potty] break”), and then having adequate (and not too messy) snacks for the car (long gone are the days when I was “one of those Moms” who never let their kids eat in the car), oh, and maybe even shoving some resemblance of breakfast in my mouth as I’m zipping up jackets, buckling shoes, remembering to put my shoes on, and the list goes on and on and on… – okay, where was I going with this one?

The Juggling Mother

I know that as the boys continue to get older, it will get easier and I’ll need less “stuff” to prepare and take with us on our adventures. For now, as they are still a little young (and I am enjoying both their ages very much) I will be prepared to prepare. I will also be realistic (is this allowed?), not expect too much of myself and stick to planning one “crazy” thing a week.

So, I hereby officially declare (at least in our little house) that Tuesdays are now “Let’s Get Out of the House Day.”  Where will we see you?

Change is Good, Right?

A lot of things have been happening lately. Zackery turned four, on the very same day he “graduated” from Silly Beans; Brayden had his first day at Silly Beans on Friday; and Monday (tomorrow) Zackery starts “real” pre-school at Church of the Mountains. I say “real” because technically Silly Beans is a daycare, but he has learned so much there and Teacher Heather is really great with circle time teaching them, to us it’s always been like a pre-school.

Thursday was an emotional day for Mommy – and I don’t even really know why? Maybe it’s hormones. Yes, let’s just blame it on the hormones! J As I wrote in my last post, Zackery turned four on Thursday. My little baby was all grown up. Well, I guess not all grown up, but growing up. Change one – complete.

We all had a very sweet morning together and Will took Zackery to Silly Beans for the last time, in their usual routine.

At 5:00pm, Brayden and I went down to pick him up. I had been contemplating in my head what time to go get him. Should I go early? Should I go right at 5:30pm? Part of me was feeling like I didn’t want to get him – that I wanted to let him stay there as long as I could to let him play and enjoy his friends. Part of me wanted to get him early and just pick him up and snuggle him the rest of the evening like he was just a little baby. I knew that it would be the last time I picked him up from Silly Beans. Seriously, what was wrong with me? Why was I making such a BIG deal of this? It’s not like I was never going to be there again – heck I was going to be there the very next morning dropping off Brayden!

I had an empty tote bag with me and once Brayden was situated and I had taken a few pictures of Zackery with Teacher Heather, I started emptying Zackery’s bin. Heather looked at me, asking “you’re not doing that right now, are you?” I had been preparing myself for this all day (probably all week in actuality), and replied by telling her so, adding “if I don’t do this right now, it will probably never happen.” Okay, so change two was complete. Zackery had graduated and was officially “moved out” of Silly Beans.

Friday morning came all too suddenly (as it seems every morning does). Zackery and I had a wonderful “Mommy / Zack Day” planned at the Discovery Museum in Reno, but first we had to drop off Brayden at Silly Beans. I had been bringing him with me every time I went to pick up Zackery, so I knew that Brayden was used to being there, and Teacher Heather just adored him. I wasn’t too worried about him being in an unfamiliar place, but still, as I would expect any mother would, I was hesitant to leave my baby for the first time. I had given myself extra time to stay about 30 min to make sure everything was okay before Zackery and I left. Needless to say, Brayden was as happy as a clam and didn’t fuss at all when we left.

In between the flurry of exploration and fun that Zackery and I were having (I highly recommend the Nevada Discovery Museum to anyone in the Reno area!), I checked in with Teacher Heather to see how Brayden was doing. Every time she gave me a wonderful report – Brayden was doing just fine. He was exploring, coming back to check in with her, going out to explore another area, coming back to check in again. She said he was so happy. What a relief to know that things were going well and I could be completely present and enjoy the time I was having with Zackery. It’s not often the two of us get to spend such quality time together.

Roles reversed from the day before, Zackery came down with me to pick up Brayden. He was stuffed into an exersaucer, snack in hand, observing the older kids playing, grinning from ear to ear. What a happy sight! Change three – complete.

All summer long, we have been preparing Zackery to start “big school.” He has been mentally ready and anxious to go for months now. We have visited his new school, driven by it, practiced saying all the teacher’s names. He is ready – I mean, really ready!

Tomorrow morning will be his first day of pre-school. Drop-off is at 9:00am. It’s a good thing my Dad, Grandpa Fred (who just happens to be in town for Zackery’s birthday) is coming with us; he’ll help keep me strong, as well as be part of an extra special moment for Zackery. I’m sure I’ll take some pictures (to add to the thousands of other pictures I have of my boys), and I’m sure I’ll be wondering all day long how he’s doing. I’ll be there right at 3:00pm to pick him up, at which time I can officially say change four will be complete!

I know that change is inevitable, and change is supposed to be a good thing. Four big changes in five days is quite a lot for me right now, but I’m taking it in stride, as they are all wonderful things happening to my wonderful boys. What changes will life offer me next week? I’ll just have to wait and see…

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