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Wordless Wednesday, I mean Thursday, oh no wait… Friday

Okay, so I really had good intentions of posting pictures of our Let’s Get Out of the House adventure on Tuesday, but well, as usual, life got in the way… Any way, the boys had a lot of fun, learning, laughing and discovering. See for yourselves. 🙂


Happy Birthday Zackery!

Happy Birthday Zackery!!! Today you are four years old – I can’t believe it!

It is such a big day for you, not only because it’s your birthday, but also because it is your graduation day from Silly Beans Learning Center. It has been 2-1/2 years since you started there, and I still remember your very first day. I think it was harder on me than anyone else. Dropping you off took forever because I didn’t want to leave you, but you seemed so happy and content. You have learned and grown so much there; making new friends, sharing your toys, cultivating your talents. I am sad this is your last day, but Monday you get to start BIG school – how super exciting!

I am so proud of you for all that you have accomplished. You are becoming more of a wonderful, fun, loving, smart little boy than I could have even imagined. You always have a big smile, and that makes me smile.

It was four years ago today that you came into this world, and it was one of the most blessed days in our lives (tied of course the day your baby brother was born). Happy Birthday to my big snugglebug, Zackery Gendebien Zimmer. I love you! xoxo

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