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Moving Right Along

We’ve moved. No more wondering when we’re moving. It’s done – phew! People have been asking if we’re all settled in and unpacked. Well, yes and no! 🙂 The boys have settled into running wild in their new house, and really have had no problems adjusting – thank goodness!!! They’ve both slept great from night one, and Brayden’s naps have been pretty normal too. Boxes are slowly being emptied and put away (even if just in a temporary location until I meticulously decide where best to put things). The kitchen is half contact-papered (this is one thing I really do not enjoy doing, but… well, you know).

Two nights ago I went next door (to my best friend’s house – yes, remember literally right next door to my best friend of 15 years) to have a glass of wine outside. Will had some work to do so he stayed home while the boys were sleeping, although we probably could have brought the baby monitor over and it probably would have worked just fine. We’ve used this particular monitor while camping before and it’s got a pretty good range. Anyway, it was nice to just pop next door for an hour or so and relax. Really, really nice.

I feel like things still haven’t sunk in for me yet. I haven’t really been home (in the new house) much since we moved. Zackery is still in school so I’m driving back up to Truckee and hanging out with Brayden at a friend’s so he can nap until the school day is over and we drive back down to Reno. I was at home all day with both boys yesterday, and got a lot done (relatively speaking), but I don’t feel like our schedule is consistent yet. Maybe next week, once school’s done…

I saw my old neighbor a couple days ago too. Had to return a cooler we borrowed from the move. Was good to see her and talk to her (it had only been one day, but still). We both cried. I miss her already. That’s the hardest part about this whole move: my emotional support from my friends. BUT, as many people (including the little voice inside my head – yes, I hear you!) have pointed out, I am only 30 minutes away, and HELLO – best friend right next door!

Let’s talk benefits now. The day of the move I tried to order pizza for our friends who were helping us load up the U-Haul, and being in Truckee on a Sunday morning, we ended up sending my Dad to get Subway sandwiches, which took 45 minutes. That same evening, once unloaded down in Reno, we got Chinese take-out, in all of about 10 minutes. And then it was the 10pm run to WalMart (have to admit never been a huge fan of this store, but we kind of can’t afford not to go) to get contact paper (see above… ha ha). That store is HUGE. Dangerously huge! So, benefits? Yes, in the form of conveniences. Many, many (cheaper) conveniences.

I’m looking forward to spending our first weekend at our new home. Enjoying the yard, maybe throwing some burgers on the grill, and not stressing about when we’re going to move, because that’s now done, and we’re moving right along.


Goodbye. Hello.

Goodbye home, hello new house.
Goodbye hurt, anger & pain, hello happiness.
Goodbye sadness, hello excitement.
Goodbye to an old chapter, hello to a new one.
Goodbye to individual memories, hello to family memories.
Goodbye to being alone, hello to help.
Goodbye to trees falling, hello to grass with a fenced in yard.
Goodbye stairs, hello one level.
Goodbye ice & snow, hello hot summer sunshine.
Goodbye fears, hello future.

4 Days and Counting

It’s Wednesday – almost Thursday – and we’re moving on Sunday, in four days.

I think I’m doing pretty well (with the packing), although I still feel like I have a TON left. It’s all the little things, like my hairbrush and the the few DVD’s the boys are still watching and the junk drawer in the kitchen. Speaking of which, why does everyone I know have a junk drawer? If it’s junk, why do we even have it or need it? But, I guess, where else would I put the menus the scissors the coupons and the pens?

Aside from the emotion of moving out of my home (and into a new one – yes, I have to keep telling myself that), I’m managing to hold it together. We’ll get it all done (I might not sleep Saturday night), but we’ll get moved.

So, it’s the last Wednesday I will sleep here. Tomorrow will be the last Thursday I will spend here. The day after will be the last Friday my husband comes home to this house to join the boys and I for dinner. And then Saturday… the last day.

Four days and counting… tick, tock, tick, tock.

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