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Play-Dates Motivate

It’s the end of the first week of winter break. Zack has two weeks total off school. Will had Monday and Tuesday off work, so essentially it’s a three-day week for the boys and I. Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday again! Thank goodness Zack has a friend over for a play-date right now. Not so much to keep him busy on his own without asking me a billion questions every two minutes (he got a total of seven new Lego sets and he plays with them non-stop; not complaining…). It’s Brayden that’s the one who has been pushing my buttons. My thinking is that the dynamic between Zack and Brayden get’s pushed to the limit when the two of them are together for such long, extended periods of time (um, yes, they are brothers, so one would think they are used to being together… but, they are brothers, so they are used to pushing the limits as well – yay for me!).

Anyway, as always, there is an endless list of things that need to get done on a regular basis (laundry, dishes, planning for dinner, etc.). I am happy to report that those duties are complete (or well underway and in progress), for today at least. The dishes are done, the dirty clothes are being agitated in the washing machine, I know exactly what I’m making the boys for dinner (I’m cheating a little bit because Zack has several left-over options and Will and I are actually going out tonight – date night – woo hoo!), and most of the toys have migrated back into the play room.

I currently have three boys in the house. I must say, more often than not, it is so much easier having three over just two! Not saying we’re going to have a third – nope, we are DONE. I guess the beauty in the play-date is that it actually motivated me to get stuff done. It’s easy for me to sit on the couch with a blanket and the remote when it’s just my boys at home, but when it’s some one else added into the mix, I feel compelled to pause the laziness and actually check a few things off my list (even if it does mean they’re back on the list in a couple days). Accomplishment.

Yes, play-dates are great. I love them. And next time, it’s at their house! 🙂


Not the Usual Laying and Playing

It’s not often that Daddy gets to share evening play time with me and the boys, especially during the week. Usually, by the time he gets home from work, Brayden is already in bed and Zackery and I are quietly snuggled up on the couch reading stories. But last night was a special treat, for all of us.

Brayden had taken a later than usual afternoon nap, waking up just before dinner at 5:30pm. I knew he wouldn’t go back down for bedtime at 7:30pm, so we had some time to kill. Daddy got home right about 8:00pm (his usual), and was immediately welcomed with giant smiles, screeches, hugs and open arms (the boys’ usual). This always makes me just as happy as I’m sure it makes Will.

It is just recently that the boys have been able to really play together without me intervening every 10 seconds. This is such an awesome experience and a huge milestone, again, for all of us. It makes me so proud to watch them interact together – laughing, hugging, truly playing. Of course it doesn’t always last long, and I am always right there, with my super Mommy eyes and ears, ready to jump in at the first sign of someone getting upset. But all in all, it is a wonderful occurrence.

With Daddy changed out of his work clothes, he joins us on the living room floor. Toys and “buddies” strewn across the floor, we were obviously having a fun time. The couch pillows also on the floor, Will grabbed one and I laid my head down on another. It felt good to just lay there, not having to move. It was, oddly, somewhat relaxing, even with the boys climbing all over us like a giant jungle gym!

It was beautiful to see Brayden and Zack playing, and particularly to see Will’s face as he watched them. It was gratifying to lay next to my husband, being part of the adventure. But what it was most of all, was a wondrous family evening; all 3 of my boys and I together, playing and enjoying each other, radiating joy and happiness, and just having pure, good-old-fashioned fun!

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