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What Am I Doing?

Ever have those days? You know, those days like… like Mondays? Like today?

The bulk of my day went smoothly (normal – as normal as normal can be with a toddler & a preschooler). Morning was normal, mid-day was normal, afternoon was normal. Evening, however, kind of made me stop and ask myself ‘What am I doing?’

It wasn’t bad, the things that made me think that. It was just the following: 1 – Dinner is at 5:00pm. It’s in the oven, cooking. I’m usually a stickler about no snacks after 4:30pm or the boys just won’t eat dinner. It’s 4:45pm and I’m doling out graham crackers like there’s no tomorrow! 2 – I put the boys to bed. Brayden decided he was not going to go right down, but I am adament about not rocking him to sleep (because I know he’s not sick, teething, or anything else that would require extra comfort for him to go to sleep – he just wants Mommy, which I can’t blame him for, but still…). I give him 20 min. He’s not settling down (even though I know he eventually would, but I’m not the cry-it-out kind of Mom). I go in there and bend over the crib for 10 minutes rubbing his back. I could’ve just picked him up, sat down in the rocking chair so we’d both be comfortable, but no… I’m not picking him up – he needs to learn (yeah, I know, he’s only 22 months). 3 – Both boys finally asleep. I open a bottle of wine and before I can pour myself a glass I’m using the little suck-the-air-out recork thingamabob. Duh!

So, I know those 3 tiny little things are really just that – tiny. But needless to say, they made me stop and ask for a few seconds this evening: “What am I doing?”

Well, here’s what I’m doing: I’m being a good Mom, who listens to her gut every now and then, feeding her kids when they’re hungry, helping them fall asleep, and getting really good at opening bottles of wine! Cheers to all of you!

p.s. Have you had a moment lately when you had to stop and ask yourself: “What am I doing?” Would love to hear your stories… 🙂


Dinnertime Dilemma

A friend asked me the other day, “What do you feed your boys?” Both of us being Mothers of a toddler and a preschooler, she is struggling with getting her toddler to eat anything other than meat. I, on the other hand, can’t keep up with my toddler’s (Brayden’s) demand for fruits and vegetables (not that that’s such a bad thing, I just have a hard time getting enough protein in him – and Zackery for that matter – to keep their little tummies full).

I began listing off all the things I’ve offered for meal times and snack, to both my boys. To my amazement, the list was quite long! I must admit they don’t always enjoy eating what is put in front of them, but I try my best to mix it up.

Zackery is pretty good about trying new things, and he really is the only 4-year-old (this I still can’t believe) I know that asks for artichoke and refuses a hot dog. Brayden is at the stage where he wants to do it all himself. I am always trying to find new foods I can give him that he can hold himself, take a bite, and not end up choking on. His favorite thing to eat right now is frozen peas (I think it feels good on those teething gums), but he did very much enjoy a couple of ritz crackers today at snack.  

What foods or snacks do your toddlers and preschoolers enjoy? Any suggestions on quick, easy, kid-friendly ways to get them to eat protein? I look forward to getting some comments!

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