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Wordless Wednesday – Christmas Handprint Ornament

I’ve been feeling quite crafty lately, and have really been getting into the Christmas spirit.
I hosted our Monday Mommy’s Group this week, and led everyone in making handprint ornaments with our little ones.
It was super easy and inexpensive, not to mention pretty darn cute! Enjoy…

Clear, plastic ornament; decorative ribbons; washable paint; foam paint brush; fine-tipped Sharpie pen.

 Cut the decorative ribbon and put inside the ornament. Use the foam brush to paint your childs palm. Help your child put his/her handprint on the ornament. TIP: if the handprint smudges or isn’t clear, wipe off with a damp paper towel or washcloth, then dry off the ornament with a dry paper towel, and try again! Once the handprint looks good, or is as good as it will get (*insert smile*), set it down in a safe place to dry. TIP: leave the top hanger part of the ornament off so you have a nice flat surface to keep the ornament from rolling around as it dries. As the paint is drying, cut white decorative ribbon and use the permanent pen (I like Sharpies) to write your child’s name and the year. Tie it around the ornament hanger in a knot or bow. Re-assemble and hang your ornament on the tree!

Completed Handprint Ornament

Hanging on the Tree!



Wordless Wednesday – Happy Holidays!

The holidays (and any time of year for that matter) always seem a little brighter and a lot happier when children are smiling and laughing. Lucky for me, these kids are MINE! 🙂



BIG smile!

HAPPY boy!

Wordless Wednesday – Having a little fun…

Wordless Wednesday, I mean Thursday, oh no wait… Friday

Okay, so I really had good intentions of posting pictures of our Let’s Get Out of the House adventure on Tuesday, but well, as usual, life got in the way… Any way, the boys had a lot of fun, learning, laughing and discovering. See for yourselves. 🙂

Wordless Wednesday – The Smile of a Happy Child

The smile of a happy child is one of the most powerful images in the world…

Happy Zackery


Happy Brayden


Happy with Grandpa

Wordless Wednesday – Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Mom’s birthday. She would’ve been 72. I love you Mom!

Olga Sommer (1939-2006)

Mom graduates nursing school

Beautiful Bride!!!

A Young Happy Family

An Evening Out

On Mom & Dad's 40th Anniversary

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